Traveling to the Finca can be a little adventure, so please read the following carefully:


to Tenerife South TFS.
Then take a taxi from airport to the harbour of Los Cristianos (puerto). app.€ 25,-.
We do not recommend the airport bus, because it does not arrive/leave at the harbour directly.


1. from Teneriffa (Los Cristianos)
to Gomera (San Sebastian):

Olsen Express 

  • Los Cristianos (Teneriffa) to San Sebastián (de la Gomera)
    9:00 (Mo till Sat) 9:30 (only Su) 14:00 (Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu + Sun)  16:00 (Fri + Sun) 19:00 (daily Mo-Sun)
  • San Sebastian (de la Gomera) to Los Cristianos (Teneriffa)
    7:30 (Mo till Thu + Sat) 8:00 (only Su)  12:00  (Mo till Thu + Sat) 14:00 (only Fr!) 17:30 (daily)

All schedules and prices are subject to change – 45 min

More information on Fred Olsen

2. from Teneriffa (Los Cristianos) to La Gomera( San Sebastian):

Armas (Naviera Armas)

  • Los Cristianos to San Sebastián de La Gomera
    8:45 (daily)  14:00 (Mo till Thu) 14:30 (Fr) 18:30 (Mo till Fri)  19:00 (Sa) 20:30 (only Su)
  • San Sebastian de La Gomera to Los Cristianos
    7:00 (daily) 10.15 (only Su) 11:30 (Mo til Fr) 17.00 (Mo till Sa) 19:00 (only Su)
    All schedules and prices are subject to change –  55min
    More information on Naviera Armas

from San Sebastian to Valle Gran Rey


  • Linie 1: San Sebastian > Valle Gran Rey
    10:20 11:50* 15.20* 18:20* 20:20*  21.20 on Sa.+Su – * except Su -and holidays
  • Linie 1: Valle Gran Rey > San Sebastian
    05:00* 08:00 13:00* 14:30* 16:30 (only Su) 18.00* Sunday only 8.00 and 16.00 – * except Sun -and holidays

All schedules and prices are subject to change – 90 min – 5 Euro

From the bus Station in Vueltas we recommend a pickup through one of the Finca Drivers (Euro 5,-).
With luggage the dirt road to the  Finca is very difficult to walk!


(about 1hour 15 min) from San Sebastian
directly to the Finca Argayall. (€ 65 to € 75)
If you want to take a taxi, it is best we organize a transfer for you
as most taxis do not drive directly here or take an extra fee for the dirt road.

Enjoy your trip!

More informations about La Gomera.